Search Engine Optimization

We offer search engine optimization in Hoboken near Weehawken and Jersey City. Local Buzz is a local and affordable web design, graphic design, logo design and online marketing company. We specialize in website design and always develop beautiful websites. We also are top of the line search engine optimization (seo) specialists getting local businesses to the top of search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. Our web designer is very creative and detail oriented which is exactly what you need to make your business stand out! We also design and create custom social media pages and do social media marketing. Business branding is another one of our expertise’s. Our specialists are standing by to answer your calls and respond to your web site design and online marketing needs. Call one of our web page designers today: 732-447-6640 for a complimentary consultation.

Search Engine Optimization Hoboken

Local Buzz is an affordable local web design company specializing in designing and creating beautiful online store fronts for businesses. I design and develop beautiful e-commerce websites for local businesses at the lowest prices around. We do seo for all types of businesses whether it is for e-commerce, a blog, or a business website! All of the websites that I have created are unique, creative, and are all done at affordable prices. I do web site design for local businesses in my area. I also do local online marketing so that you get traffic right to your website. And just in case you don’t have a logo design there is no need to worry! I also design logos! I do it all! No need to go through a few companies to have your work done.

WordPress Website Design in Hoboken

Local Buzz specializes in creating a custom wordpress website design which is customized and personalized for each and every business. Why a custom-made theme may be a better choice for your business. So, you’re a small business owner and ready to venture out into the online world. Perhaps you own a coffee shop and need a regularly updated website, or maybe you want to start your very own blogging business to sustain a lifestyle that you’ve read about in glossy business magazines. Either way, you know that going with a popular CMS platform such as WordPress will be the ideal route to travel on and now you’ve come across the dilemma of whether to use an existing theme or have one custom-made for you. Both options seem enticing, but as we’ll soon discover, sometimes it’s better to have your concoctions made from scratch.

So while the inevitable cost-factor of hiring a professional WordPress developer such as myself may seem a bit intimidating, let’s go over the benefits of a custom made theme.

Custom WordPress Theme Design

Don’t want a site that looks like a template? That’s why we will make you a custom wordpress theme in Hoboken for your website! First and foremost, as a small business owner, you always definitely want to separate yourself from the competition. While it is true that content is king, do you really want a website that is cookie-cutter and looks like everybody else’s? By having a custom-theme built from scratch, you can rest assure that your website’s look and functionality belongs to you and you alone, and nobody else in the world will have that same aesthetic feel to it. Sure, you can customize an existing theme, but you are limited to the original developer’s coding.

Which brings up my next point. When you are using an already existing theme, there is only so much you can do in terms of tweaking the colors, fonts, etc. What if you don’t like the way something looks? What if you want to change something that you can only change to some degree? You are limited to whoever coded that theme and pretty much stuck with it. With a custom-made theme, you never have to run into that problem.

And then there’s the issue of bugs and updates. What happens if the person who developed this existing theme suddenly stops updating it? You now face the possibilities of the website suddenly losing all functionality and becoming obsolete as well as losing security and making your site vulnerable to hackers everywhere. Another benefit to having a developer on site is that it will be constantly updated, and, since I will be the one to build your website in the first place, this issue will never be a problem.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the all mighty and powerful plug-in. Wouldn’t it be a bummer to not have access to certain plug-in features because your existing theme is not compatible to what is available? Having a developer code everything from scratch once again allows you that flexibility to match the correct plug-ins tailored to your specific websites needs and usage.

So there you have it my friend. One crucial thing you to ask yourself as an entrepreneur is do you have a hobby or an actual money-making business? In this day and age, it is very important to make yourself stand-out and look unique. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, and investing in custom design is not only a smart investment, but based on the criteria above, could also mean the difference between having money rolling in the bank or seeing only a portion of what you work so hard to create. Stay encouraged. Unlimit yourself.