Terms of Service

By submitting a deposit to Local Buzz, LLC you are agreeing to the following terms of service:


Payment is accepted in US Dollars ($) via a mailed check or online payment. Online payments we accept are E-checks, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover through PaySimple.

A deposit of 50% of the quoted price is due prior to the start of any project. The remaining balance of any project is due after the design is approved and prior to the transfer of files to your server.


Since Local Buzz provides digital products and online services there are no refunds given at any time which you are responsible for understanding upon providing a deposit and any other payments to us.

Timeline and Revision Requests

Your project will begin once the initial deposit is paid.

You are entitled to two rounds of revisions* upon viewing the first design sample. Revisions must be within the scope of the project and must stay within the parameters described in the Website Proposal.

*once the first sample website design layout is complete you will receive a link to view it. You are able to request an unlimited amount of revisions to the first sample design/layout. This will act as your first round of revision.
Once the first round of revisions are implemented you will receive a second link to review the changes at which time you will have the ability to submit a second round of revisions. In rare circumstances, there may be a few tweaks needed after the second round of revisions are completed in which case we will accommodate you to ensure that your requirements are met. However, if there are major changes that you would like done that were not mentioned in the first or second round then there will be an additional cost which will be outlined to you before implementing it on the website

The information you provide in the google drive folder and emails before beginning the website will be used to create the initial design for the website. We will also send you a Getting Started Guide before beginning any project to help you understand the process. It is important to be very detailed when filling out the form or describing what you expect in order to ensure a timely and efficient process for both parties. The initial design will be available to view approximately 1-3 weeks from the start of your project depending on the project requirements and projected timeline.

All quoted timelines are estimates and are not guaranteed. If you are late in making a deposit or sending certain files for the website then the project may be delayed.

Website Details and Additions

Website features and details will be outlined in the initial Website Proposal. If an item is not included in the Website Proposal then it will not be included on the website. You understand that if a feature or item is not included in the Website Proposal then requesting this feature or item will be an additional cost which will be clearly explained to you before implementing it into the website. If you agree to the price then it will be included as an addition to the final balance.

Website and File Back-ups

Once the final deposit is received you take full responsibility of the website and all of its files, components and backups. If you should need any technical assistance after the completion of a project, you understand that you will be charged an hourly rate which will be clearly explained to you prior to beginning any work.

It is your responsibility to have a back-up of your website files or database once we transfer these files to your server/hosting company. Local Buzz is not liable if your entire site is lost or if you delete files that pertain to the website. All your website backup and file management should be done through your web hosting company and you should back up your website often. This is also very important in case your website gets hacked. If your website gets hacked you can easily back up your website to a previous version should this happen to your site.


You agree that most communication will be done by email. Phone support will be available 10am-5pm Monday to Friday and some weekend days if needed. Once your start date begins, you must be available via email in order to complete the project in a timely manner. It is likely only a few emails will be needed to complete the project. If your response is delayed, your project will also be delayed. If you know you will be unable to answer your email then please provide this information prior to the start of the project date.

If you do not respond or contact within (8) weeks of the last email sent then you will be removed from the schedule and will forfeit your deposit payment. You will not be entitled to any deliverables or refund.

Browser Compatibility

Your website will be compatible with the latest version of all major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. Older browser versions are not guaranteed.

File, Content, Images, Documents, Videos Ownership

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the right to use any and all files, content, images, documents, videos and any other items you provide to Local Buzz for any project. You must make sure that you have full ownership of any content in any format before sending it to us. Local Buzz is not liable or responsible for any copyright or ownership issues for files, content, image, document, videos or other items used for any project.

It is also the customers responsibility to send all pictures (including purchased stock pictures) for the website.

Web Hosting and Space

You understand that you will need a separate agreement with a web hosting company to host your website. The hosting plan you choose will determine the bandwidth, space, and concurrent connections available for your website. We will provide you with information and recommendations to decide on which hosting plan will work for you but it is ultimately your responsibility to uphold, follow and understand your service agreement with the web hosting company.  If your website is on a database or uses a database you understand that there are certain size restrictions. Local Buzz is not liable or responsible for hosting your website or spacing restrictions associated with the hosting plan you choose. We are also not responsible for any server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site.


You are required to provide access to any ftp, hosting, domain, and/or WordPress account information along with usernames and passwords for the sole purpose of installing, configuring, developing and testing the website. In certain instances, usernames and passwords for other accounts may need to be provided in order to access special features on your website. Local Buzz will never share your usernames or passwords with anyone at anytime. It is strongly recommended to change your password once your website has been completed.

Remaining Balances on Payments

When all the agreed upon work on your project is completed, we will send you a way to make the payment on the remaining balance of your project. If you do not make a payment within 2 weeks, your website files will be taken off of our servers and deleted. You will not be able to receive your website files.


It is strongly recommended to change all your passwords once any password has been shared with us. This includes: domain registrar, hosting, email and wordpress logins.


Local Buzz is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site. Our website packages do not include future WordPress Content Management System (CMS) update compatibility issues for your site. It will be your responsibility to manage the website once it is completed. If you are interested in a monthly maintenance package where we will manage your website and update it then let us know and we will provide you with affordable plans.

Usage of Web Materials

Local Buzz is allowed to use any created work or related items for our own promotional materials. Any created work may appear on our Portfolio page, Facebook page, or any advertisements in print or online.

Website Design Credit

Local Buzz is allowed to add a Website Design credit to the bottom of your website. This credit will say “Website Design by Local Buzz” with a link to our website.

Terms are subject to change at any time.