WordPress Lessons NJ + NYC

We offer WordPress lessons  in NYC and NJ. This is a private one-on-one or small group session to teach you and your team everything you need to know about how to set up a WordPress website. We will send a WordPress tutor to your home or business to train you in understanding and using any part of your website. Learn how to manage a WordPress website for business or personal use.

WordPress Training Session

During our WordPress training session we can custom tailor the session to fit your exact questions. You can have zero experience or a more advanced knowledge. We can start wherever you are in your WordPress learning journey. We can start with basic questions about WordPress or more advanced aspects of your website. We can work with an existing website or start from scratch. We can help you pick the right domain name and hosting platform and anything else you might need help with.

If you are a business owner or a blogger and want to learn how to customize, design, manage and edit your own website, then you have come to the right place. Book a session for a weekday or weekend. Morning noon and night sessions are available in Hoboken, Jersey City or Manhattan.

Don’t waste your time and money taking a class where you will probably learn stuff you’ll never use. Our WordPress tutor will customize the course to your exact questions and needs. This is a private in-person session with our experienced WordPress tutor. We also offer search engine optimization and shopping cart setup sessions.

“That was probably the BEST WordPress crash course ever.” -David F.

Your WordPress tutoring experience may be more advanced or different based upon your unique website theme, specific challenges, and skill level. We also offer remote/virtual and screen sharing training sessions if you are not in the tristate area.

WordPress training session topics:

Exploring your Website
Do you have issues with your current wordpress website or theme? Did your web designer use an outdated theme or was your website hacked? We can walk through what you can use from your existing website or if you should start thinking about getting a new theme.

Website Security
We will go through steps that will help you protect your website from malware and hacking. This includes going through options for your domain name, hosting platform, wordpress backend, plugins and more

Selecting a WordPress Theme
We can help you select a good theme which will work as the framework for your overall website. We can walk through a specific design and layout that you would like and then select an appropriate theme that will save you time and energy down the road when you want to make adjustments.

WordPress Settings
We will walk through how to setup any WordPress website and how to make sure that the foundation is set in place so that everything can run smoothly.

WordPress Building Blocks
Download plugins that can make it much easier to edit pages and get the layout you want without knowing how to code or use HTML, CSS or PHP

Menu Structure
Let’s work on your website navigation and main menu so that it is user-friendly and easy for users to navigate your website

Adding Pages
Learn the difference between pages and posts within WordPress. Pages are the static pages within your website like an about page or contact page. We can walk through why it’s important to create certain pages for your website and where to place them.

Media Library
Add images, audio clips, galleries, and videos to posts and pages. You can learn how to create links, how to make an image clickable, how to make graphics to add to your website and how to upload anything else to specific parts of your web page.

Adding Posts
Learn how to blog within your website. We will also teach you how to create tags and categories. We can discuss the importance of having a blog and how to optimize it for your business or build a following if your entire WordPress website is a blog. We can also discuss blog strategy and smart SEO content writing so that your posts get found online.

Learn SEO Copywriting
Get the truth about how to use keywords, titles, and web writing to optimize your websites for search engines (SEO).

WordPress Widgets
Learn how to manage and customize your WordPress widgets. Widgets generally appear on the sidebar or footer area of different themes. We can customize them for your website or blog.

WordPress Plugins
Downloading and activating plugins can be tricky. We can go over the best and most powerful plugins for your site. You have to be careful when selecting plugins because some are vulnerable to a hacking incident. Learn to know the difference between well supported plugins and plugins that could cause issues with other extensions or elements of your WordPress website.

Shopping Cart and eCommerce Integration
Want to sell products or services on your website? Do you have digital products, actual products or services that you want to sell on your website? We can work on integrating a shopping cart so that you can manage and sell your products and services directly on your WordPress website. All the management will be on your backend of WordPress so you can manage your website pages, posts and products all in one easy-to-use interface.

Learn how to sell products and services through the powerful Ecommerce platform that is made specifically for WordPress. We can customize almost any aspect of each page and all the functionality. Find out the best and most cost effective way to accept credit card payments on the website, how to display products, how to setup up shipping costs and more.

Events Calendar and Bookings
Learn how to include event registration, ticketing and automate registrations and payments online.

Questions? We have answers! Call or text 732-447-6640 today and we can answer any of your questions or discuss booking a wordpress training session! We look forward to hearing from you!