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Do I NEED a Mobile Website?

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Simply put, your business needs a mobile compatible website.  Google found that 92 percent of smartphone owners in the US seek local (offline) information via their devices, and that 89 percent of those people took some form of action after such a lookup (such as calling, visiting or purchasing a product or service). Beyond this Google said that 25% of people in the US made a purchase after a local lookup. In addition, in the US, 51 percent called a business and 48 percent actually went to the business location.*

What does this mean for your business?

More and more your customers are accessing your website on mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Check your website to see how it appears on these devices as well as on the major browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Odds are your website does not look the same on all of these platforms. Especially on mobile websites, your desktop website will be very hard to read for smartphone viewers.

It is estimated that more than 1 billion people are using mobile devices as their primary internet access point. Are your customers able to easily access your website content?