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WordPress Blog Design for NYC Fashion Blogger

This was a fun website design project to work on for NYC Fashion Blogger Bree from the Tall Society. She blogs about what it’s like being a 6’4″ woman in New York City while sharing her favorite fashion finds with her followers. This blog was built on WordPress which is a great CMS platform for bloggers. WordPress allows Bree to login to the administration panel of her website from anywhere and update the image slider, add new blog posts as well as edit any text or images. The website acts as her main hub for sharing “All Things Tall” and connects all her social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube) in just one place.

Features on this WordPress blog include:

  • Responsive Image Slider: The homepage has a responsive image slider that resizes based on which device you are viewing the website from. It showcases high quality images from select blog posts.
  • Mobile Friendly Design: The responsive framework of this custom built website resizes based on which device you are viewing it from. From mobile phones to tablets to laptops, this website will display beautifully on all devices. On the mobile view the menu resizes and  becomes just a button to reflect the smaller screen size.
  • Sidebar Advertisements: Google AdSense was integrated into the website to monetize it and generate revenue. We placed 3 responsive ads into the sidebar for the user to click on.
  • Social Media: Social media integration allows users to easily share any of the blog posts via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is also another area of the sidebar that allows users to navigate to Bree’s other social media pages.
  • Instagram Feed: There is an Instagram feed at the bottom of the website which gets dynamically updated whenever Bree adds a new picture to her Instagram page. This is a great moving piece of the website because it keeps the website more interactive and very current.
  • Video integration: Youtube videos were integrated into the sidebar for quick access and several different blog posts.
  • SignUp Pop Up: When arriving on the site there is a pop up that appears that prompts users to subscribe to The Tall Society Newsletter.
  • Newsletter SignUp: Users are able to enter their email address into the signup box on the sidebar to stay up to date with new posts and news from The Tall Society blog.

Check out the homepage design below or visit to see more of this awesome new blog!
Custom WordPress Blog Design for NYC Fashion Blogger

Why We Love WordPress

We use a WordPress platform for many of the websites we build. (Check out our website design portfolio by clicking here). WordPress is very customizable from a design and development point of view and very easy to manage from a clients point of view. And your website will definitely not look like a template – we only make custom websites here!

Here are just a few reasons why we LOVE WordPress and why we use it often:

Low Cost and Time Effective
Our clients love the fact that they do not have to call us to make edits to their website. The fact that our clients are able to edit their own website as needed, at their convenience, saves them a lot of time and money.

Easy to Use
Our customers are usually amazed at how easy it is to make changes to their own custom website. It is easy to add/edit/update text, add a new blog post, add/delete images and so much more. A WordPress Content Management System is designed with the end user in mind.

Access Your Website Anywhere
If you have Internet access, then you can access your WordPress administration panel from anywhere in the world. You do not have to change any files by logging into a File Transfer Protocol like Filezilla. All you would do is use the username and password we provide to login to your WordPress website and Viola! You will be able to make any live edits to your website from anywhere.

Highly Customizable
Wordpress is a development platform that we obviously love to use. We are able to build extremely complex websites, not template sites, that are custom, beautiful, professional, affordable and creative. There are ZERO limitations when it comes to using WordPress since we custom make all of the websites at Local Buzz.

These are just a few of the reasons why we love working with WordPress and why we know you will love your new WordPress website too.