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Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is a website that resizes and responds to virtually any device ranging from desktop computers to laptops to tablets to mobile phones to TVs and more. A responsive website is quickly becoming the standard in modern web design.

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What is the main benefit of a responsive website?

By having a responsive website design you are saving your resources by only creating one website that will adjust to any screen size. You won’t need to create a separate mobile or tablet website because your existing website will smoothly transition to other devices. Your customers need to be able to view your website regardless of mobile device or screen size.

A Responsive Design saves time and money

When a new device is introduced into the marketplace, you are not required to have a new website designed specifically for that device. Your current responsive website will be able to adapt beautifully to fit these new devices, and no additional time or money is needed. The upkeep is much more simple.

Responsive website design improves Search Engine Optimization

A responsive website has the same URL across all devices. This means that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can focus on one single website which will allow for a higher ranking. This is also very useful when users share your website link on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Users will be able to go directly to your website regardless of device.

Google’s search engine ranking algorithm favors websites that are optimized for mobile searches. So if you have implemented a search engine optimization strategy on your responsive website it will be ranked higher on Google than your competitors who have separate mobile websites. This will give you a competitive advantage since responsive design is fairly new and your competitors, especially if you are a small business, have probably not implemented this strategy.