Top 5 Business Website Design Components that Convert Visitors into Customers

Here are the top 5 non-negotationable things that need to be on your business website. By implementing these 5 things onto your website it will help convert website visitors into customers.

1. Responsive Website Design

A responsive website design will adjust to the screen size of various devices (desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). This is especially import since Google’s algorithm update which may penalize your website for not being mobile-friendly. Mobile internet browsing has officially overtaken desktop browsing which makes it a necessity to have a responsive design implemented on your business website. If your website isn’t

2. Phone Number and Email on every Page

It is extremely important to display your phone number, email and link to your contact form in a clear and prominent area on each page of your website. This will undoubtedly result in more website visitors to contact your business. It also establishes trustworthiness to your users.

3. User Friendly Navigation

Keep your menu bar clear and uncluttered. A website that is easy to navigate allows website users more time to explore more information about your products and services.

4. Consistent Branding

Website design that has a consistent look and feel when it comes to your logo, fonts, images and color palette will create credibility to your website visitors. Showcasing a strong brand identity is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take advantage of as consumers are willing to pay more for a product if the brand delivers a positive branding experience.

5. Nice Website Images

Including nice website images is very important to engage website users. It is best to use original photos from your business however as a last resort you can find a lot of high quality images on stock photo websites as placeholders.